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It all starts with you. And it's all for you. Each of you. Look at the vision (please have a look at the picture... Energy PLUS in Weißenhorn and the region... this is our first demo and test region), how we meet in our events and how we get together to our energy and mobility solutions. You make this happen. Thank you! Please use the contact sheet to apply for your region.

Wait, what's going on here? How is this done? We are collecting real life experience, we constantly adopt our event-planning (please have a look at the picture... Energy PLUS, we arrange, invite, inform, coordinate and build together) our data collection methods, our supporting services, our decision procedures and in this way also our outcome. That's a save way to not only get to better results but more than that to learn with each interaction with you. So our laboratory is reality, we are just by you. Not elsewhere. To get the results on our path we use an exceptional approach: we go on with you and with formed user groups to build energy cooperatives in all regions of the world.

But we don't stop here. We still go further for you. We are enabling communication and coordination between the regions to help each other... The ones offer is the others demand -  so individual treats between regions for example to establish power purchase agreements can be signed. There is so much potential to connect us for our youth and to connect us for a united world, united by our way... to farm energy at home and in our region, to transport the converted energy to the assigned regions, to provide it at the destinated region, to store and to share the energy there.

So, this (please have a look at the picture... BetriebSystem, make IT possible PLUS, Anytime. Dynamically. Humanly empowered and technically supported) allows us to use self sustained energy and mobility services round the whole year night and day. And this is not a service provided by an anonymous server, it will be provided by you, in your region. We make this happen with you. So the overall approach is... helping hands help each other.



in Weißenhorn and the region

I help people, initiatives and energy cooperatives through event formats in their region and through complementary web services to set up and implement their own selectable energy and mobility scenarios in order to achieve their goals on a local, regional and global scale.


We arrange, invite, inform coordinate and build together

We use our networks and strengthen our relationships: with our investments (crowd-funding, IT cooperative), we establish our networks and realise our potential.
Why? So we can develop in a humane and democratic way for the future of our children and grandchildren... Utilise energy and mobility services and also broaden your own income base!



Make IT possible PLUS
Anytime. Dynamically. Humanly empowered and technically supported.

To show up how we do this we use the means of visual outputs, we make movies... we document our plannings, events and the results.

This will give us more legimate datas to use scientifically and it shows the way of becoming self organized open groups.

Each can opt for being a part of the community... a community of energy and mobility prosumers.

Funding we show the actual status on a daily basis

In order to get more informations about the gathered means we inform you here about the actually provided financial means. Please have in mind... we only show the last day (each week from monday to friday). Thanks a lot!

The picture next will show the status:

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